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Aaron Tweeton

Aaron Tweeton

Web Designer & Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Aaron Tweeton.
I’m a web designer and graphic designer.
I help small businesses design better websites so they can reach more customers.

What to expect on AaronTweeton.com

On AaronTweeton.com, I hope to help you reach more customers with practical tips on web design, graphic design, video production, marketing and productivity. Most of my articles are geared toward home service businesses, but just about any small business or organization could benefit.

  • Saving Dad’s Stuff with WordPress
    How I’m using Local by Flywheel to help preserve my dad’s work.
  • Peter and the plague
    Note: This is written to be a fictional, humorous allegory of a situation during the COVID-19 pandemic. No intention is made to offend or upset anyone or add to or subtract from the Bible. Any similarity is purely coincidental. As the sun continued to rise on that Lord’s Day, the Apostle Peter closed his teaching: […]
  • You might see a face
    Driving Highway 50 from my homeSix months in, feeling all aloneI’ve got an important duty to fillBut sometimes wish I could just take a pillOne that would take away the painAm I going insane?

How to contact me

Want to get in touch with me? Please fill out the form below with your email or phone number. I’ll do my best to contact you within 24 hours.

More about me

My family and I live in the Sacramento area. By the grace of God, we’re involved in serving in Sunday school and AWANA ministry.

I have almost 20 years of experience as a web designer/developer and graphic designer for number of companies and organizations, including an international eye care provider, national gift retailer, network-affiliate television stations, churches, local magazines and newspapers; and local home service businesses.

I’m currently active in the local Sacramento WordPress Meetup and Sacramento Home Service Professional Networking Meetup.

I’m also an active member of the 48 Days Eagles Community.