Eternal copyright dates in WordPress

Just finished reading a good post on Lorelle on WordPress about checking dates on your blog. Here’s an easy way to make copyright notices in WordPress “eternal”, so you don’t have to update them every year.

Use Google Docs Spreadsheet to track bugs

Today, I tried tracking bugs and changes for my WordPress themes using Google Doc Spreadsheets. So far, I find it a great method of tracking changes without staring mindlessly at my computer, trying to remember what changes I wanted.

Don’t Mess with the Parent – Make a Child Theme

I discovered something was wrong with my modified Twenty Ten WordPress theme this morning. Some of the modifications I made had disappeared. I then remembered that I had updated the version of WordPress the night before, which likely erased my modifications. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with the original parent theme – make a child theme… Continue reading Don’t Mess with the Parent – Make a Child Theme