Eleven to Executive

According to a survey conducted by Young Living in 2015, the average hours worked per week by independent distributors broke down like this:

  • Distributors: 3 hours per week
  • Star: 8 hours per week
  • Senior Star: 9 hours per week
  • Executive: 11 hours per week

According to the survey, it's not until someone reaches Silver (earning average $2,221 per month) that the average hours per week exceeds 10-15 hours per week. At Silver or above, being a Young Living distributor feels more like a full-time job (of course, you're making plenty of money too)

Why I'm set on Executive for now

I can handle carving out 10-15 hours per week, but not much else. That's why this survey is useful (unfortunately the new Income Disclosure Statement doesn't have the average hours worked, perhaps because they haven't conducted a more recent survey)

I hope to get more into how I'm spending those 10-15 hours next week.