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How to eliminate writers block with WordPress apps

Tired of the WordPress Admin section distracting you from writing? Find out a free tool that can help you focus.

Okay, here’s a problem you might have: I sit down with a cup of coffee in hand with the intent to write a terrific blog post: one that’s going to grab people’s attention and maybe bring in a million bucks! With laser focus, I open up my WordPress admin, move my cursor up to click New Post… but then I pause. I notice the Updates badge with a big red “3” indicating there’s three updates available.

“Jinkies! There’s three updates for my plugins. I’d better stop what I’m doing and update them.” – Me

So like a good WordPress user, I update my plugins. While I’m waiting, I look at my phone  to see what’s happening on Facebook.

A few seconds later, the updates are finished… wait, the updated plugins are showing alerts about the new bells and whistles.

“Thanks for updating Super Awesome Plugin 1.0.3. Click here for details on the new bells and whistles!” – Super Awesome Plugin

Well, I might as well find out what’s been updated, so I click the details link. After all, that will just take a few minutes more to read. While I’m reading, I wonder to myself “Maybe, there’s a better plugin that does a better job?” So I spend a few more minutes looking at the plugin directory for something else. I also search for “Best WordPress plugins 2016 with bells and whistles”.

And then my phone alerts me. It’s time to go. I lost my opportunity to write.

Does that happen to you? Do you find yourself getting distracted by the WordPress administration section?

The WordPress admin section: My best friend and fiend

If you do, you may be having the same problem I have: I end up reaching fewer people because it’s taking me more time and effort than necessary, all because I’m distracted.

Here’s a solution I’ve found: the free app. This app requires a free account, but you can use it for your self hosted site.

Restrictive like a pair of blinders

Here’s what I like about the app. It’s limiting. Yes, you heard me. Limiting, meaning it restricts my focus to the content. It doesn’t do a good job of updating plugins or making major changes to the site, but it does a good job of forcing me to write.

If you’re struggling with writing on your WordPress blog, give the app a try. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. If you don’t have a account, go to and create one. You don’t need to create a blog yet, just an account. is operated by Automattic, the same company that manages the open source (free) software of WordPress.
  2. Once you’ve got an account, click the Add Site button to connect your current WordPress site to your account. During this process, you’ll need to install the JetPack plugin for your WordPress site, which comes with a ton of features, but is mostly used for connecting the accounts together.
  3. Finally install the app on your computer, tablet and/or phone. Use your login to access for the first time. I recommend getting the two-factor identification set up with your account so you’ll get a text-message with a number to improve security.

Once you have the app installed, you’re able to post directly from the app without touching the WordPress admin at all. Think of how much time you can save!

Previews of the WordPress app on different devices

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