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My Lovely Princess

T’was the first time that I saw you
Was the first time I fell in love
You were a princess from the seven seas
An angel from above

When you first wrote me a letter
When you called me on the phone
You made me feel like I was wanted
But the truth said I was alone

Princess, Princess
You pick me out of the pan and into the fire
I’m obsessed, Princess
You think you’re the truth, but you’re just a big liar
You bring madness, Princess
And it don’t matter if I cry
‘Cause you don’t give a damn

Now you’ve got a new lover boy
To him you always try to please
I’d like to throw him to the ground
Make him pray to God on his knees

On a one very special night
I was left all alone to cry
While all your friends were out there laughing
I was asking God, “Why?”

Princess, Princess
Every single word that you say is just an evil lie
I’m obsessed, Princess
Drained me dry of my blood and left me out to die
You bring madness, Princess
And it don’t matter if I die
‘Cause you don’t give a damn

Well now I’ve risen from my grave
I’ve wiped off all my tears
I’ve wiped off all my wounds
I’ve fought off my greatest fears

Now he’s taken you love and money
Took your fortune and fame
Left you for another woman
Left you stranded with your pain

Princess, Princess
Traded me like a card, rolled me like dice
Too bad, Princess
Priam’s daughter, now you pay the price
It’s just business, Princess
And it don’t matter if you cry
It don’t matter if you die
It don’t matter at all, cause I don’t give a damn