My Lovely Princess

T’was the first time that I saw you Was the first time I fell in love You were a princess from the seven seas An angel from above When you first wrote me a letter When you called me on the phone You made me feel like I was wanted But the truth said I… Continue reading My Lovely Princess

Pat, My Cat

I once had a cat His name was Pat He liked to eat rats Rats that were fat On my bed, he sat Till he peed on my mat So I got my big bat And smashed him flat And that was that Of Pat, my cat.

Breaking Down Again

Parody of Tears for Fears’ Break It Down Again Breaking down again…Keep losing my screws.Gotta get a repair.Mileage like an ant.Oil sticks to the floor! When the engine acts up, you know it’s breaking down!When the spark plugs foul out, when it hits that sound!The automatic transmission has been shot for months.The engine groans and… Continue reading Breaking Down Again

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