Reflection on Matthew 9

My sins paralyze me. Forgive my sins, that I may walk with You again under your absolute rule.

Call me that I may follow You. May my life bring many sinners like me to You to recline at table with You, to eat of the Passover Lamb, slain for us, to enjoy fellowship and a satisfying cup, since You drank the wrath of the Righteous Father, when He smote You for our sins.

Why do You eat with us sinners? Who are we that You are mindful of us? We who are sick need You, O Great Physician.

Let me fast and hunger for You and Your return. I am dead in transgress. Lay Your hand on me that I may live. I am bleeding all the day. May Your power cure my wounds.

Have mercy on me, Son of David. Open my eyes that I may see. Loosen my tongue, that I may speak well of Your Name.