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What’s new with Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 updates

Looks like Adobe’s rolled out the new 2018 updates of their Creative Cloud apps. I’ve included links to each of the What’s New pages on the Adobe site, plus videos showcasing specific features down below.




Premiere Pro

Responsive Design position: This might be useful if you’re repurposing graphics for different social media platforms or external screens where the aspect ratios may differ.

After Effects

Dimension (formerly Project Felix)

Place graphics on 3D surfaces.

Lightroom CC

So Lightroom has moved to the cloud and it looks like it comes with 1TB of cloud storage. Did I read that right? 1 whole TB? I think my family can handle that! Now I want to switch back to Lightroom from Apple Photos.

Character Animator

This fun app has graduated from its two-year beta status. Here’s some new features:


Adobe Bridge now allows you to publish directly to Adobe Portfolio.

Media Encoder

Buried in the feature notes are these highlights:

  • Publish to specific YouTube or Vimeo channels or playlists
  • Publish to specific Facebook pages
  • Add customized titles and video thumbnails
  • Export animated GIFs!

Enough talk-show me!

Here’s a playlist of short videos highlighting features in the new 2018 updates of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps. Starts with short videos about Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and then gets more in-depth with new features of Lightroom CC and Dimension.