You might see a face

Driving Highway 50 from my home
Six months in, feeling all alone
I’ve got an important duty to fill
But sometimes wish I could just take a pill
One that would take away the pain
Am I going insane?

Put my mask on, snug and tight
Breathing deeper for the upcoming fight
Don’t give a rip who’s wrong or right
I’m just trying with all my might
Trying to keep my friends safe
From this plague

Behind this mask
You might see a face
Coming from a friend
Who’s looking for an end
Behind this mask
You might see a friend
That’s trying just to love you…

Most keep silent, but some gotta speak
About how it’s a government conspiracy
I’ve only got mine on to protect the weak
Certainly not to bend the knee
To another but the King

Maybe they’re right, and maybe I’m wrong
Should I toss it off at the next song?
But what if we found out all along
Suffering together would make us strong
Or have we all gone insane
Over a little pain?

Behind this mask
You might see a face
Sullen, starting to tire
Of families lost in the crossfire
Behind this mask
I’m trying to be your friend
I don’t know how it ends
I really don’t know anything
Behind this mask

By his bed, as I closed his eyes
Grieving, how I wish that I
Could I have gotten in the room a week or two
Before there was nothing more I could do
Now I’m masking the pain
Yes, I’m masking the pain
And because of my pain
I’m trying to spare you the same

Behind this mask
You might see a face
With lips trembling
Just trying to fit in
Behind this mask
You might see a friend
Who’s just trying to spare you pain
That’s all I have to gain
Behind this mask