An easy way to manage a library of books in WordPress

This is the first of hopefully many posts to show how to use WordPress as a software application framework.

I’ve got a personal library of local history books that I want to manage using WordPress.

Using the List block

Using the List block in the WordPress block editor, I can easily create a list of my books, like this:

  • Images of America: Citrus Heights
  • Becoming the City of Citrus Heights
  • Sylvan Cemetery: A Living History



No coding required.

Simple, but stupid

The list block is a simple, but perhaps stupid way to list a library of books.

I mean stupid in that there’s nothing dynamic about this list. If I get rid of a book or buy a new one (which I have a bad habit of doing), I have to manually add it to the list above. There’s no source of data that this list is pulling books from.

There’s also nothing preventing me from adding non-book items to this list, such as a video game I’m playing, or what I want to buy from the grocery store.

What I really want is a dynamic list of books where the user can click on a title to see details, similar to how a website will sometimes show titles to articles where you can click the title to see the article’s content.

Better ways to manage a list of books

Next time we’ll look at betters way to create a list of books using WordPress.

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