Web Development that helps your business engage more customers

  • Responsive web application design and development
  • JavaScript and TypeScript expertise, including React and AngularJS
  • WordPress plugin development and troubleshooting

What’s it costing your business to not have the right people on your team?

With the right people on your web development team, you can create terrific websites and software applications that make your customers happy.

Without the right team members, it’s easy to fall behind in technical debt due to reliance on outdated frameworks. And if you’re lucky enough to dig yourself, you don’t want to fret over which tech stack to choose, nor worry about developers losing focus on delivering software that sells.

Your software exists to serve you and your customers, not your developers. And you deserve to have team members who have a profit-driven development mindset.

Serve your customers with better software

  • Responsive design: Engage your customers regardless of which device they use
  • Efficient development: Use tested tools to reduce release cycle time and improve quality.
  • Escape legacy code: Follow a clear migration path without breaking your software.
Aaron Tweeton

Why work with me?

I’ve been designing and developing websites and applications for over 15 years, working with clients of all sizes and budgets. I understand the crushing burden of technical debt due to legacy software, and I get the confusion about which programming framework to choose since it will seem outdated by next week.

I’ve helped migrate e-commerce software from AngularJS to React and TypeScript. I’ve also helped a healthcare upgrade from Excel-exported spreadsheets to a learning management system using AngularJS, Bootstrap and jQuery. And I currently help other developers and WordPress users create better websites by cohosting the Sacramento WordPress Meetup.

I want to help you and your team develop better, profit-focused web applications so you can reach and serve more people.

Companies I’ve worked with

Gold Country Media
VSP Vision Care
Harry & David
Mail Tribune

Three easy steps to get help for your website or web application

  • Schedule free assessment: We’ll connect via Zoom to assess your business needs.
  • Get my custom plan: Top three action items, that you can either implement yourself or bring me onboard to assist with. 
  • Work together: If you want to move forward, we’ll work together on your custom plan.

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