• Ramping up a writing habit

    Last time, I wrote about how to calculate how many words to write each day in order to have enough content for a 80,000 word book. If I were to write 750-1,000 words per day, I’d have enough for four books, about one per quarter. But I don’t have a habit of writing that much.…

  • Calculate how much you need to write daily to create a book

    Here’s how to calculate how much you need to write daily in order to generate a book.

  • Why start with one?

    When trying to start an incremental habit, I decided to start with one.

  • Why not increment every day?

    Why only increment by one every day? Isn’t 366 better than 52? Maybe not.

  • Incremental units of measure

    Why using small units, such as reading a single page or doing a single pushup, which can lead to significant results by the end of the year.

  • Calculating incremental increases

    Here’s how to use JavaScript to calculate incremental increases over time.