The man who taught me to code

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a parked car outside Kaiser Permanente, wondering if a patient is going to come home with us, or go home to Glory.


Rona One-Nine

To the tune of Bryan Adam’s “Summer of ’69”

Got first word of some sickness
At the dawn of the sweet springtime
Told things were gonna get really hairy
‘Cause of something called COVID one-nine


Conspiracy Theory

The devil and his minions gathered together, some on his right hand and others on his left.

And the devil said, “Over two thousand years have passed since our Creator and Enemy descended to the earth, was killed, buried and rose again, defeating our plans and putting us to utter shame.”

The fallen angels joined in a chorus of boos and hisses.

“Our Great Enemy has gathered a growing number of defectors, particularly in the place called the United States,” the devil continued. “Who will present a plan to stop this defection so that the name of Our Great Enemy is reviled?”

Web Design

Saving Dad’s Stuff with WordPress

One of my goals for the remainder of 2020 is to rebuild my dad’s website to get his writings, artwork, videos and other works online. But I also want to resume blogging again after the last eventual six months dealing with death, lockdowns, mask fights, etc.

Right now I’ve got a website running on WordPress. But rather than just toss everything up and organize it later, I’m going to build a local instance of the website I have in mind using Local by Flywheel.