Tag: AngularJS

  • Don’t make me ngRepeat myself

    Today we’re going to look at another directive from AngularJS: ngRepeat.

  • AngularJS Quizzing: Random word extraction

    Today, we’re going to update our quiz so that it extracts a random word for the user to guess.

  • AngularJS Quizzing: Form features

    Today, we’ll look at how to use the form validation features of AngularJS to provide better feedback in our quiz.

  • AngularJS Quizzing: Let the Controller control logic

    So far we’ve created a simple quizzing engine using AngularJS somewhat separated the model, view and controller apart. Today, let’s take care of the little bit of controlling still being done inside the HTML.

  • Modules and Controllers

    Yesterday I shared the basics of how to create a quiz question using AngularJS. Now even though it works, the code is not very reusable. You would have to copy and paste the same code a bunch of times for each question. So let’s work on making this quiz question reusable.

  • Basic Quizzing using AngularJS

    If you’ve ever needed to create a simple online quiz in HTML, you can do so easily with a little help from AngularJS, which is a popular JavaScript framework that provides some powerful tools. I’m going to start by showing you how to make a simple fill-in-the blank question.