Tag: Web Development

  • Four JavaScript Tools Every Web Designer Should Know About

    Here’s four tools to add functionality to your website, written from a web designer’s perspective.

  • If all else fails, restart

    Yesterday, I tried installing the WordPress REST API plugin on a test site on my Mac running MAMP. I followed the directions up to a certain point on two courses on Lynda.com, but then came to a screeching halt after seeing 404 errors in the console.

  • I am $error

    If you ever played Zelda II, you might remember getting stumped when you came across the guy that said “I am Error”. Likewise, the validation errors in AngularJS can make you scratch your head.

  • An ngPattern of things to come

    Let’s look at how we can use the ngPattern directive to check answers in our quiz question.

  • Don’t make me ngRepeat myself

    Today we’re going to look at another directive from AngularJS: ngRepeat.

  • AngularJS Quizzing: Random word extraction

    Today, we’re going to update our quiz so that it extracts a random word for the user to guess.