So you’ve changed your mind on me
I guess it was all doomed to be
Never care about what I say
It’s over away
I won’t look back and say “Oh well”
Cause now I feel like I’m in hell
There’s too much pain for me to deny
All I can do is cry

So you’ve turned your love on me
I knew it was all doomed to be
I never now know where you are
Whether near or far
I’m stuck in the mud with a broken heart
Which you just seem to pick apart
There’s too much pain from your lies
I sometimes want to die

All your love was just an illusion
In truth you never really cared
Now I’m in a state of confusion
Because nothing should be spared
Nothing should be spared

So you’ve rolled the dice on me
All you want is to be free
Complain about no one telling you the truth
Bitch about you being used
Never happy at all with what you had
Everything in life was bad
You said I was the perfect guy
Why’s you have to lie?

So you’ve forgotten all about me
Life’s just the way it used to be
Big boys using you for all you’ve got
While you weep a lot
I’m still taking it kinda rough
Cause to you, I wasn’t good enough
While you’re hoping things were like they used to be
You’ll miss me