Pushing goals into the new year

Yesterday I wrote about how if you want to write a goal in JavaScript that’s fixed, you should use const to declare it. But if you want to keep it flexible, use var or the let.

But what if I have more than one goal? Then I want to push them into an array, like this:

// First, I'll create the array.
const goals = new Array();

// Then I'll add or push a goal into the array.
goals.push('Write more');

// I can even push multiple values at once.
goals.push('Take family on vacation','Ride bike more'); 

Now wait a minute. Didn’t I declare the array using const? Doesn’t that mean that the array is constant and therefor unchangeable? That’s what I thought, but it turns out that declaring a variable as an array using const means the variable must stay as an array, but the array’s contents can still change.

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