Let’s build a game

End of the Oregon Trail View in City Park, The Dalles. By John B. Horner

Let’s build an Oregon Trail-style game together using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Classy goal writing

For the last several posts, I’ve been writing goals in JavaScript like this: It starts to get tedious having to remember that I need an action, quantity and measurement whenever I want to write a goal. Instead of starting with a bare-bones object each time, I can create a goal prototype by defining a class.… Continue reading Classy goal writing

Dating goals

No we’re not talking about romantic dating. I’m talking about adding due dates to goals to make them timely or time-bound. Let’s say we have a goal like this: It’s actionable, measurable, but lacks a time or due date. Let’s add one using a Date object. What I’ve done now is set a dueDate property… Continue reading Dating goals