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  • Take control of your content

    If you own or manage a brand, then you need to know how to manage your brand’s content on your website.

  • If all else fails, restart

    Yesterday, I tried installing the WordPress REST API plugin on a test site on my Mac running MAMP. I followed the directions up to a certain point on two courses on Lynda.com, but then came to a screeching halt after seeing 404 errors in the console.

  • Eternal copyright dates in WordPress

    Just finished reading a good post on Lorelle on WordPress about checking dates on your blog. Here’s an easy way to make copyright notices in WordPress “eternal”, so you don’t have to update them every year.

  • Dynamic vs. static web pizza… er, pages

    Yesterday I wrote about why I preferred WordPress over Blogger. Most of my decision was based on how at the time, WordPress allowed for dynamic web pages, whereas Blogger was limited to static web pages. I’m going to try explaining static vs. dynamic web pages by comparing them to how a pizza parlor makes pizza. Let’s […]

  • Why I choose WordPress for content management

    Why content management? If you think about it, every website involves content management, whether you’ve got a site created using hand-typed HTML, or you’re using an application like Adobe Dreamweaver, or you’re using a web-based CMS like WordPress. The question is not whether you’re going to use content management for your website, but what content management you’re going to […]

  • Why WordPress?

    I’m thinking of starting a blog series called “Why WordPress?” My aim is to explain to you and other the benefits of using a Content Management System like WordPress for your website.I’m not a WordPress expert, but I’ve used it for five years, building over a half dozen websites using it for content management. In […]