Using a newspaper article as a source in MacFamilyTree

About a dozen years ago, my dad scanned an article his mother sent him about one of our distant relatives in the chiropractic practice. I was never sure which paper it came from or how this particular doctor was related to me.

Newspaper clipping of the Forum.
Article from the Fargo-Moorhead Forum mentioning my grandmother and great-grandfather.

This morning I added the article as a source to MacFamilyTree 10.

I’m not a professional genealogist or family historian, so forgive me if I’m incorrectly citing source material.

Adding a source

Screenshot of a source in MacFamilyTree.
Screenshot of a source in MacFamilyTree.

The first step I took was creating a source and adding the little information I had on it, such as the newspaper’s name, article title and author. I still don’t know when it was published, but it’s possible I might come across an actual clipping later.

“The Forum” seemed like such a generic name, but it turns out there is a “The Forum” serving Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota. I’m not sure what the official name was during the publication, so I’ll just leave it be for now.

Ascertaining events from an article

From just reading the article, I was able to get a few details:

  • The approximate date when my great grandfather got injured and developed tubercular osteomyelitis.
  • That David (shown in the article photo) served in WWII.
  • The approximate dates both William and David became chiropractors.

I’m assuming since this is a scan, and based on secondary information, that it’s best to consider this derivative, and secondary source material.

Turns out David is my first cousin, twice removed up. At least that’s what MacFamilyTree is telling me.

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